重庆爱优工业有限公司是2006年成立的中意合资公司,主要生产高品质的汽车变速器与差速器齿轮, 以及符合欧洲质量标准的减速电机、工业齿轮箱及其配件产品。




Chongqing IIYOU Industries Co., Ltd is a Sino-Italian Joint Venture company established in 2006 to manufacture high quality transmission, gear units,gearmotors and industrial gearboxes based on European quality standard, and differential gears to the Automotive, Agricultural and Industrial Systems Industry.

Whitelk Srl was started as a trading company in Bologna, Italy, in 1996.

Goal of the company was to export and supply the customers with a wide range of gears, components and soft parts for the most common gearboxes and axles, both light and heady vehicles, and gearmotors and industrial gear units.

In the years, we specialized in gear units,gearmotors and industrial gearboxes,  axle parts and differential repair kits, which we designed, reverse engineered, produced and inspected to suit the quality the customers were expecting from us.



准双曲线伞齿轮与变速齿轮的OE供应商,包括Metaris Canada, Yamada Japan, Bremach Italy。中国杭州独家分销: 适用于Jeep速比, Toyota, Nissan和其他速比的准双曲线伞齿轮

We developed our own designed gears for gearboxes, and differential repair kits and complete assembled units, and nowadays our hugest customers on these MADE IN ITALY products are:

Genuine leet repair shops light trucks repair

OE supplies for hypoid bevel gears and transmission gears, like Metaris Canada, Yamada Japan, Bremach Italy. CHINA EXCLUSIVE DIST. in Hangzhou: hypoid bevel gears new ratios in-house developed suitable to Jeep differentials, Toyota, Nissan and more.


The Joint Venture


In the year 2006 thanks to the succesful manufacturing and marketing worldwide,supported by the professionals and the networking organisation colledcted in 10 years activity in Chongqing, we proudly set up the manufacturing JV company IIYOU Industries, in Chongqing, China, to produce transmission, differential gears, and gearmotors and industrial gear units.

We did split our productions, and Whitelk, in Italy, arranged all the most advanced and skilled quality manufacturers in a network for the development of 100% Made in Italy drivetrain components, to the “quality sensitive” clients and markets.

IIYOU Industries started his own manufacturing mission to serve the domestic and abroad OEM Industry, setting up the same accurate and precise manufacturing and inspection quality process, to the Italian model.